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by Kiowa

Apr 23, 2019

A STORY BEHIND GLENDIVE: When Busy Becomes A Trend

When did busy become a trend?

In this world we live in where everyone takes pride in looking busy for no specific reason, juggling between one thing to another is common. Well, isn't it just like all the advertisement says, keep moving forward?

People working until late at night, even on weekends, is not a rare scenery anymore. Believe us when we say that, or if you don't, try to visit the nearest coffee shop after the working hours and look at all the occupied chairs seated by people in front of their laptops with their occupied mind.

We are so busy in what we're doing and we have our attention on things we want to achieve until we really don't have time for even the tiniest fuss anymore. Even the most insignificant irritating inconvenience could lead to us being cranky, or worse, us being stressful.

Responding to this phenomenon, we couldn't help but think what could we do as an implementation of our desire to take an active part in giving the correct answer to this puzzle?

And from this burning question in our head, Glendive was born.

Glendive was designed for young urban commuters, business owners, energetic employees, or everyone who's always on the move yet never settle for less. With the one swipe all cards out feature, we aimed to simplify everyone's life. 

Let us tell you how it works. It could save your time in finding the right cards at every transaction (who has time for that?) and the value doesn't stop there. 
Glendive also equipped with money clip to store your cash. Perfect for keeping everything essentials.

And just like how it was designed to be, we truly hope that Glendive could really be your everyday's life sidekick and make your life easier.