The Art of Taking A Break

by Kiowa on Apr 30, 2019

Have you ever thought that a day doing nothing is just another day to waste?

Rest easy, it's not just you, we've been there too. No matter how exhausting it was for us, we still felt guilty for taking a break after a long tiring day at work. We experienced this thing called burnout, a state where we were physically and mentally exhausted that was caused by living in a too fast pace environment for too long. You know what's worse? We thought that it was our fault. We thought that we didn't try hard enough. 

Little did we know, that it was really toxic for us. We were overwhelmed by work, we couldn't feel things like we used to. It affected the way we thought, the way we connected with our closest friends and relatives, it even affected the way we see things, the way we saw ourselves. We felt that we're not worthy because we couldn't achieve things we've set expectations for. But when we looked at it again, it was us to blame all along. We caused our own stress.

We don't want you to experience things the way we did. After all, we believe that we always could do something for ourselves. Here's how we saved ourselves from burnout.

1. Reduce caffeine from your daily intake

We know that sometimes we need coffee -- or tea -- to stay awake. But please remember, caffeine is a stimulant. It will only make it worse because caffeine will keep pushing the tiredness.

2. Schedule your relaxation time 

We often schedule our meetings and appointments but have we make time to ease up? Block some time in your daily or weekly schedule, as simple as one hour for light-reading everyday, one zumba class twice a week, or one Netlix episode a day. And just like we make ourselves to do our work based on our schedule, make sure we follow our relaxing schedule. Remember, making time to relax is as important as making time to work.

3. Don't see your worth by your achievements

Never ever think that you're worthy because you achieve something. Because if that's the way you see your worth, you'll be very messed up when you fail. You are not your biggest success. You are a complicated jumble of winning, losing, good times and bad times. 

How you feel about yourself should not be based on how many hours you put in at the office or how many times someone praised you. Relearn the idea of your self-worth. No pressure, your life is never a competition anyway.

And we take this labour day as an occasion to unwind, rest ourselves before we get back hustling and doing what we like to do. We hope that you could feel the same way too. Because you did very well on your work and you deserve the time you need to loosen up.