To us, life is already quite overwhelming and soul-sucking that we need to do something about it. We're aware that in a world where we are demanded to do so many things in a very short period of time, even tiny mess and discomfort could stack up into a big discontentment. And we also know that this will contribute to our inner mental health.
We believe in proactive initiatives and actions to make life even more bearable. Because life is so much more than just functional matters, we refuse to spend all of our time only thinking about functional ones. We want to feel happy and content in life, and we believe that you all feel the same way.


We pick the finest material after a loooong looooong process of research and comparing this and that. Then we collect all this materials and hand-assemble it to ensure the quality that meets our standard.
Next up we always make sure to check the product before we send it to you. Although we always check and recheck and control the products' quality, minor imperfection is inevitable. But you can always reach us to swap it with another new product if by chance our products delivered in not a prime condition.