1. Is Glendive made from genuine leather?
We have Glendive Genuine Leather but we also have Glendive Advanced Wallet as an option if you opt for a synthetic leather instead.
 2. How big is Glendive?
  • Width 66mm
  • Length 105mm 
  • Thickness 13 mm when folded
To make it easier to imagine, Glendive is perfectly fit on your front denim pocket!

3. How many cards could fit in Glendive?
In the alumunium card holder, you could insert up to 7 cards. And on the additional card slots behind the card holder, you could insert 1 card each sides. In total, you could keep up to 9 cards in Glendive. 
But please do note that this depends on the thickness of your cards.

4. I want to get my hands on Glendive first before purchasing, do you have any offline store?
For now, we only have online store, but we have a return policy that will help you to get your hands on our wallet. If by chance you don't like our product, or maybe you don't like the color that you picked, you could contact our admin support and we will refund your money in full amount. This only applied after 24 hours of arrival date. Please refer to Return Policy at the end of this page.

5. How to take care of Glendive?
Glendive could keep more than 9 cards, but we recommend you NOT to put more than 9 cards to keep the leather's quality. And try not to put too much pressure on the wallet like sitting on it on your back pocket. Besides giving way to potential scoliosis, it could damage your wallet and all the cards inside.

6. What if my wallet gets broken by usage?
We provide repair and maintenance services. Please refer to our return & guarantee policy below;

Return Policy

1. This policy covers the possibility of returning your product but only within 24 hours after the product arrival time
2. This policy applies for any reason if simply you're not completely satisfied and/or factory faults and defects
3. For factory faults and defects report within 24 hours, the shipment fee will be covered by us. Apart from that reason, shipment fee will be charged to the customers
4. This policy does not apply for engraved items

Guarantee Policy
1. This policy covers the possibility of getting your Glendive replaced or repaired particularly for the aluminium card holder
2. The shipment fee will be charged to the customers